10300 Haines Canyon Ave, Tujunga CA 91042 USA


Come play with LetHer Press Studios, and share yoUR wURd. The artist will design and print a series of random words and images derived from visitor input, creating visual stories with wooden fonts, metal typefaces and a plethora of wacky vintage zinc engravings. You’ll share in the beauty of this slow but methodical printing process, involving hand type-setting,
hand-mixed ink on carefully chosen materials, such as 100% cotton paper and non-toxic cleaning supplies printed on the one hundred and twenty five year old press.

List of Services

Beverage Napkins

Birth Announcements


Birthday Art


Party Invites

Fine Art

Gift Cards

Greeting Cards


Hand-Made Books

Holiday Cards

Stationary / Business Cards


Wedding Invitations 

Wine Bags



Our Story

My Studio

Heather van Haaften’s LetHer Press Studio, created in Silver Lake, CA in 1989, whilst studying Communication Design at Otis Parsons. Starting to collect wood/metal type from countless flea markets, Heather received her first C&P press from her families Minneapolis printing business. Perhaps it is the solvents that warped her brand to identify with droll mid century sorts and develop a line of witty paper goods where wordplay is king.

In 1996, the studio moved to Cologne, then Berlin Germany and printed very good “Ginglish”, and returned to Los Angeles in 2011 and reside in a Koenig House in Tujunga, CA. LetHer Press Studios product line features custom work that includes wedding invitations, greeting cards, birth announcements, business cards, as well as original letterpress designs.